Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My Asus Eee PC

The Asus Eee PC was officially launched at the SITEX PC Show in Singapore on Sat 01 Dec 2007. The edition sold was the Pearl White 4GB 701 series, with the webcam, at the price of S$598. When I went to the PC Show the next day, I was told that all stock had run out on the 1st day of the launch.

I went to Sim Lim Square to ask around, only to be told that there was no stock islandwide. I later found out that stock would come in during the 1st week of January 2008. I went back to Sim Lim Square on Wed 02 Jan 2008 and got to buy my Asus Eee PC from AAAs Com Solution Pte Ltd (#04-61), which happened to be the 2nd last piece. The last piece in that shop was bought by another customer 5 minutes later :P

Model: 701 (EEEPC4G-BK005)
Serial: 7COAAQ050042
Description: Eee PC 4G, Galaxy Black, Linux, 4GB SSD, 512MB DDR2, Intel Mobile CPU & Chipset, WiFi 802.11b/g, 10/100 Mbps Ethernet, 0.3M Camera, sleeve

I bought it with the original specs, not upgrading it to 1GB RAM or switching to Windows XP. I wanted to see if it could function as well as a laptop using Linux, 512MB RAM and 4GB hard disk space. If it could, it would be an affordable alternative for poor students who can't even afford a desktop at home. It has not disappointed me thus far and has even exceeded my expectations. Asus really did an excellent job in creating a world first - low price, superb quality and performance. As its motto goes, "Rock Solid, Heart Touching" :)

I labelled my Eee PC the next day. I had wanted to use a yellow label but the only colour left was green. On hindsight, green looks better on black. Shown above are the accessories, minus the permanent marker pen :P

In open mode. In addition to my Eee PC, I bought a 4GB mini SDHC Card for S$52 and a short USB cable. I had wanted a full size SD Card but the shop did not have it. The short USB cable was for convenience, mainly to connect to my Nokia handphone to use it as a thumbdrive or modem.

The other mobile device I have, is my trusty Fujitsu Tablet PC T4010, which I bought in Feb 2006 for S$3000 (paid in instalments). Together, they are like the Dynamic Duo, Batman and Robin :)

Another comparison of the two of them, with my Tablet PC in slate mode.

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