Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Using Nokia handphone as a modem

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At the beginning of this year, my phone was a Nokia 6120 Classic. Due to my reservist training, I sourced for a phone that had the same features BUT without camera, which was disallowed in camps. Now I'm using a Nokia E51 (the cameraless version) which has the same features as my previous phone PLUS WiFi.

Both handphones had a mini-USB port and a micro-SD slot, into which I put in a 2GB card. When connected to a computer via a USB cable, they could either act as a thumbdrive or a modem. I was trying out the modem feature on the EeePC and was surprised that it actually worked. Now I can be assured of an Internet connection in the absence of any wireless or wired network.

In this post, I will be using my Nokia E51 and M1 (MobileOne, my service provider) for the example. For those who are using other phones with the same features, it should provide a rough guide. Those using the StarHub Huawei 3G modem can just plug in and set up a new Network Connection under Network in the Internet tab. The Eee PC will detect it as a 3G modem.

  1. Connect the Nokia E51 phone to the Asus Eee via the USB port. A dialog will pop up on your phone asking which USB mode you want to use. Choose "PC Suite".

  2. Create a dialup profile under Network Connections using your 3G phone as the dialup modem. Usually the 3G- or GPRS-enabled phones won't appear under the 3G/HSDPA modem list, even when plugged in. They will be detected as dialup modems though.

  3. For the next 2 steps, it would only be dialup1 if this is the 1st time you are setting up a dialup modem. If you set up a 2nd second dialup modem, it would be "dialup2". You can go to Network Connections, right-click on the connection you just created, go to Properties and look at the ID.

  4. Press Ctrl-Alt-T to open the terminal console.
    Type "sudo nano /etc/ppp/peers/dialup1" to edit it such that the last few lines appear as follows:


  5. Press Ctrl-O to save and Ctrl-X to exit.

  6. Type "sudo nano /etc/chatscripts/dialup1" to edit it such that it looks like the following (I'm using M1, so the "access-point-name" will be "sunsurf" instead. Leave "IP" as it is):

    TIMEOUT 120
    "" ATZ
    OK ATV1E0
    OK AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","access-point-name"
    OK ATD*99#
    CONNECT \c

  7. Press Ctrl-O to save and Ctrl-X to exit.

  8. Go to Network under the Internet tab, right-click on your connection and choose Connect. Click on the Details button and wait for it to be enabled.

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